Sarahah Spyer : Today I will share You all About Sarahah Spyer So First of All Know about Sarahah.Sarahah is a App Which will Help You to Send Anonymous Feedback to Anyone. This App is Trending in Every where because of his Simple idea.After Releasing Sarahah App its Start trending in App Store like Google Play Store and iTunes Store.Sarahah is Released for both iOS and Android devices on July 2017.This App is Developed in English and Arabic Language.Are You Know that why this App is first developed in Arabic “Sarahah First Developed in Arabic Language Because it the Developer of Sarahah is from Saudi Arabic So that in Saudi mostly Arabic Language is Used.Sarahah App is Developed by theĀ Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq He is a Programmer from Saudi Arabic.Sarahah Means a Honest in Arabic.Now the Sarahah App downloaded over 300 Million.Lets Talk about Sarahah Spy or Sahara Spyer etc It is website related to Sarahah Revels Names.You can Read Below Paragraph about Sarahah Spyer.Link Sarahah with Snapchat.

Does Sarahah Spyer Work or Not ?

After Releasing Sarahah App People are Sending Good or Bad Messages Each other.Many of people received message like ‘I love You‘ or ‘I hate You‘ etc So that’s why they Want to Know the name of person Whom send a message. In past few days, People are searching who promises to reveal the name of the sender.So that’s why people are using it.I test with Some my Sarahah account But its Does not work.And I also got user review about Sarahah Spyer they also saying that its does not work for them.Also Share Sarahah Messages on Facebook. is Fake orĀ Genuine ?

After testing SarahahSpyer site I confidently Say that it is a Fake site.This Site homepage is also fake.When You can comment its always saying “We are getting many comments, please wait!” I check All the Comments Which are Repeating.You can also check.I complete all Survey & Processes but it does not work I complete Survey many times but its not work.Also Check : Is Sarahah Revealing Names
sarahah spyer fake or its work

Why is made ?

This site is made for only Money Purpose.This site is not helpful.The owner of this site is making money from you with Survey and apps etc.So Don’t complete the survey its not helpful.Its wasting your time.Sarahah is very secure it will not possible to Revels the name of sender.Best Sarahah Messages collection.

How this Fake site work:

First of All it will ask you enter your sarahah Username.After clicking on Check Now its Do some Formalities.It will ask you Decrypt my Messages when you click on Decrypt my Messages then survey tab open.Now its ask you to complete survey.So don’t complete survey its everything is fake.How to send Messages from Sarahah.

So there are many alternative site of Sarahahspyer are, Sarahah, Saharaspyer etc Which all are fake So don’t waste your time with these sites. if you have any problem then ask me in comments I will reply you as soon as possible.If you like Our article then share it with your friends I Hope they will also like our article.



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