Sarahah Snapchat : Hii Friends there is new app is trending everywhere is Called a Sarahah.there are many People who Want to Link Sarahah with Snapchat & Instagram.So today I am Going to Share with you a Tutorial How to Link Sarahah with Snapchat.You all Know that Snapchat is Very Popular Social Sites.Snapchat Have Millions of User.It was Very Popular Social Media Sites and App.Sarahah was a New Latest Social Sites.On this Site or App You can Give Feedback to Any Person Which is on Sarahah.So there are Many People Joined the Sarahah.Many People is Joining Daily.Many Sarahah People Want to Link there Sarahah Account in Snapchat.So You follow the Tutorial Given Below How to Put Sarahah on Snapchat.How to Link Sarahah with Instagram.
how to put sarahah on snapchat

What is Sarahah & its Features:

Sarahah is new Social Networking sites and App.Which is Developed by the ZainAlabdin Tawfiq.It was Released on February 2017 for Android and iOS devices.In future it was Released for More Devices and Operating System.Sahara helps you in discovering your strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from your employees and your friends in a private manner.You can also Receive and Give Feedback to Anyone Anonymous.Improve your friendship by discovering your strengths and areas for improvement.How to do Sarahah with Snapchat step by step guide is given below.This app is helpful in self-development because of feedbacks.Also Check How to Login & Register Sarahah Account

How to Link Sarahah to Snapchat:

    1. First of All, Open Snapchat App on your Phone.
    2. Now Click the Snap(Photo & Video) on Snapchat.

sarahah on snapchat

3. Now click on Paperclip icon and type your Sarahah Profile URL .Your Sarahah Profile URL Should Look Like Example ( There should be no spaces in Profile URL otherwise you will be redirected to Google Search Results.

Note : If this Method is not Working then try:Method 2 Which is Given Below

attach snapchat with sarahah

Note: Don’t Copy & Paste Profile URL from Sarahah APP, type it Manually.

4. After typing Sarahah Profile URL, Now click on the Go or Search button and wait until Your Sarahah Profile will be Loaded.

add sarahah with snapchat

5. Click on the Attach to Snap button at bottom.

6. Now Your Sarahah Link is Successfully Added in Snap.

Method 2 : How to Link Sarahah on Snapchat:

if Method 2 is Not Work then Try : Method 3 Link Sarahah with Snapchat.

  1. First of All open Snapchat App in Your SmartPhone.

2. Now Click the Snap on Snapchat.

3. Now Click on the Paperclip icon , Which is Showing on right side in Image.

sarahah on snapchat

4. Now Search box tab will open, Type in the search box and click on Go/Search button.Now Website will Opened.

5. Now Click on the Login Button.

sarahah snapchat login


6. Now Login in to your Sarahah Account (if You not Register then Register First by Clicking Here)

7. Now Click on the Profile Link Which is Shown Below in Image.

sarahah snapchat

8. Now Your Sarahah Profile Open.Now Click on Attach to Snap.

9 .Now Your Sarahah is Linked with Snapchat Sucessfully.

if You are redirecting to Google Search Results or above method is not working then Follow Method 3 to Link Sarahah.

How to Sarahah Snapchat Link Video Tutorial:

Many of you have a Confusion How to Put Sarahah on Snapchat or How to Add Connect Sarahah with Snapchat.So You follow given below video tutorial how to connect/add sarahah with Snapchat.

Are You know what is means of  Sarahah “The app is named after the Arabic word for “honesty” or “frankness”, and is intended to let people share messages in that spirit.’How to sarahah on snapchat’ Have you ever wanted to tell a friend what you really thought about them, but you don’t want to own up to it .How to put Sarahah link to snapchat or how do you do sarahah on snapchat many people are searching.You can give feedback to your teacher in Anonymous.How to Connect or How to add sarahah to snapchat easily.So watch the video if you got any problems.

Conclusion :

Now you can easily link Sarahah with Snapchat without any problems.If you still face any problem in linking Sarahah with Snapchat then comment below with your problems.We will try to solve your problem (Sarahah on Snapchat) as soon as possible.If you found this article “How to Put Sarahah on snapchat” helpful then share it with your friends so that they can also Link their Sarahah profile with Snapchat Account. Now You Not Need to Search How to Add Sarahah to Snapchat or How to Connect Sarahah with Snapchat.Check-Delete Sarahah Account.Sarahah Snapchat is popular because many of user have a snapchat account and they want to link How to Sarahah with Snapchat.


  1. Is there any way I could find out who wrote a nasty comment to me? I’m afraid it’s someone I’m friends with and I just want to make sure I’m not hanging out with the wrong people.

  2. When people click on the link it takes them to google where it says my did not match any results. Why is this?

    • Type it is working I’m also using this, I think you might have typed wrong username or with space also type correct name of app like Sarahah,

  3. Wow this helped do much! For anyone who is trying and coming back to the google page download the app and put your exact username in the paper clip icon on Snapchat don’t copy and paste

  4. When I try to connect it to my snapchat it works but instead of displaying that page in English it goes in Arab how can i change that?

  5. Keeps redirecting me too google I type in my user name correctly ( but continues to direct me to google

  6. Mine is saying “The specified CGI application encountered an error and the server terminated the process.” Any ideas why????

  7. i dont have the paperclip option on my snapchat, do i need to update? or is there a different way i could link it on to snap.

    • Go to Messages by clicking on Message icon at bottom.Now You will see all your messages.Select which messages you want to delete and click on red icon, it ask you want to delete messages select yes your message will delete.

    • If you are Using Mobile Phone App then Click on the bottom left side Messages icon You will see all your messages


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