Sarahah Search: You can search the People on Sarahah by Following Given Search Engine not more in Sarahah web.All You know that sarahah is very popular app in previous 15 days.It was trending in App store everywhere like Canada, UK, US and Australia etc.Sarahah is a Feedback Sending App In which People can send Text Feedback Messages to everyone in a private manner.Many people are using this app to send feedback.In the Sarahah Official site Search bar is removed by the Sarahah Developer and People are Getting So many Problems to Find People on Sarahah.So in Today Article I will Share you a tutorial how to Find People on Sarahah.Also check : How to Do Share Sarahah on Snapchat.
Sarahah search

What is Sarahah.

Sarahah is a Social Messaging Application.In which People can Send Anonymous feedback messages to anyone in a Private Manner.This app is developed by the┬áZain al-Abidin Tawfiq.This App first released in Arabic language in Arabic Country.After that it was released in English version on July 2017.After releasing in English version Sarahah Start trending Everywhere.The Sarahah means a ‘Honesty’. You can use this feedback for self development.If you will use Sarahah for work then it will enhance your areas of strength and If you will use it in friendship then you can improve your friendship by discovering your strengths and areas for improvement.How to Use Sarahah Search check the tutorial below.How to Delete Sarahah Messages.

How to Use Sarahah Search to Find the People:

  1. First of All Download the Sarahah APP by Clicking Here.
  2. Now Open the APP in Your Phone.
  3. In the Bottom there was a Search icon, Click on it.
  4. Now Type the Person Name Whom you want to Send Feedback Messages.

sarahah search

5.Now All the Related Username shown in Drop down Select the Person whom You want to Send Message.

Note: In the PC Web Browser the Sarahah Search Bar is Removed So You can Use the App only.

If you have any query related how to Search people in Sarahah or How to send Feedback then comment below i will try to help you soon as possible.If You like Our article then shareit with your friends.I hope Your Friends will also like our article.Also Check: Delete Your Sarahah Account Permanently.


  1. Hi, Even if my friend has turned the privacy settings as on to allow people search her the id is not showing in the search list.
    Those who have shared their sarahah I’d either in WhatsApp or Facebook we are able to message that person directly but can’t able to search them using the search icon.

  2. Every time I try to search someone up it says “user not found”. I typed in the user name correctly, and double checked every time to make sure but it still says user not found why is that

  3. I think he has turned on his privacy for appearing in search,I can’t find him even I have his Id…How should I message him then?

    • if your friends disable appear in search then don’t worry,if you have a username of your friends then messages him,Messages will goes to him.

  4. Why there’s no search option on sarahah if you open it in web? does search users option only works on sarahah app (downloaded)? because i’m opening sarahah on PC website on chrome. and sarahah app doesn’t work on my phone when i download it because i have an old version phone.


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