Sarahah Revealing Names of Persons : Today I am Sharing a Article Does Sarahah will reveal names. All You Know that Sarahah is very Popular Social site in Last Some Day.Millions of People Join the Sarahah App.Sarahah is Anonymous Feedback messages sending app.In which people can give feedback to anyone like friends and workers etc.but the Developer of Sarahah say that this App is developed for Office use So that workers can send anonymous feedback messages to their boss.The interface of this app was user-friendly.Many Sarahah user comment me that Is Sarahah is Revealing the Names of the user who sent a messages to anyone.Many User saying that Sarahah is Revealing the Names on 1 August 2017.Link your Sarahah with Facebook & Snapchat.
Sarahah is Revealing Names

What is Sarahah:

Are you thing Is Sarahah Reveal Names. Sarahah is a Social feedback Sending App Which is developed by the Zain Alab din Tawfiq. Zain Alab din Tawfiq is a CSE Engineer & Programmer Expert.Sarahah First Released in Arabic Language After it was Released in English Version.After Releasing in English Version Sarahah Trending Everywhere on the playstore.Sarahah is Available for Android, IOS and its also Available in Web Version.If you want Use Sarahah on Pc then it is Possible.Saraha helps you in discovering your strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from your employees and your friends in a private manner.In this App if Anyone Send feedback.In this Tutorial I will Explain Is Sarahah Revealing the Usernames of Person who send a messages.Also Check : Link your Sarahah with Instagram.

Is Sarahah Revealing Names of Sarahah User?

Many User Are Saying that Sarahah App is Revealing the Names of the User Who Sent a feedback Messages to Anyone.Many of You are Also send a Messages Which are not Good.So Don’t Worry Sarahah is not Going to Revealing the Names.Someone Reveal the Fake News that Sarahah is Revealing the Name of the Person Who send a Messages to Anyone.So Truth is that Sarahah is Not Revealing the Names.In the Given below image officialy said they are not revealing the identities .Also Check : How to Delete Sarahah Messages

Sarahah not Revealing Names

So if you have any Query Regarding ‘Is Sarahah is Revealing the Name of User or Persons who sent a feedback’ in this article then comment below I will try to reply you as soon as possible.So if You like our article ” Sarahah Reveal Names on August 1″then shareit with Your friends.I hope Your Friends Will also Like this News.How to Delete Sarahah Account


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