Many of you are Not Know that What is Sarahah, and why is it out ranking all your favorite apps? The apps is Developed to get honest feedback from your co-workers, Relatives and friends in Private Manner.Sarahah Real Meaning is Honesty Which is Fully Explained in Arabic Language,Sarahah is a Arabic word.Sarahah is a App which was trending in App store when it was released on Starting of july 2017.Sarahah Skyrocket Every where like in Canada, United States and Australia etc.Slowly Slowly Sarahah is also trending in other Country Like Egypt, United Kingdom etc.The Interface of this app was a Userfriendly.If you want to send feedback or Messages to any that was very easy.In Sarahah Web Version the Search Engine was Removed.Full Detail is Given below why Sarahah Delete Search from the Web Version.Also Check: How to Link Sarahah With Instagram.
Sarahah search removed

What is Sarahah:

Sarahah is Very easy to navigate, users can need to register an email, pick a Good username, then self-subject to a firing squad of criticism.There was no home page, just a Messages tab displaying received Messages, Favorited Messages and sent messages. Enabling users to add a picture if they desire to and view stats of how many messages they have sent or received.The Sarahah App is Created by the Saudi Arabic Programmer Zain Alab din Tawfiq.Sarahah Developer First Released the App in Arabic Language After that it was Released in English Version.After Releasing in English Version Sarahah is Beating all the App.So You can Below why Sarahah Removed the Search.Also Link Sarahah With Snapchat.

Sarahah Search Removed in Web Version:

All You Know that the Sarahah Search Bar Removed by the Sarahah Developer From the Web Version.And I Think it was also removed from the Sarahah App in Next update.Many People are thinking Sarahah was bad app for their Kids.So thats why they are giving low star rating.Many People are sending Bad Words Each other So that Why Sarahah Removed the Search Bar.Sarahah Will Improve More in Next Update.How to Use Sarahah Search.

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