Que es Sarahah : What is Sarahah And its Features, Quess Sarahah is Arabic Word Which is Most People Searched it on internet.Sarahah is a Social App.In which People Can Send and Received Anonymous Messages to Each other in Private Manner.Sarahah App is Developed by the Saudi Arabic Programmer.This App is Mostly developed for Company So that Workers can Give Feedback to their Boss about any company related query.If you want to Know More about Sarahah Que es then check the given below detail.
sarahah que es

Sarahah Que es (What is Sarahah).

Sarahah is a Social Messaging App.Sarahah app is Developed by the  Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq.He was a Saudi Arabic Programmer.Sarahah words original Meaning is a ‘Honesty’.In the Sarahah app you can Send Anonymous Messages to each other in Primate Manner.Sarahah is First Released in Arabic language in February 2017 After that it was released in English version on July 2017 for Android and iOS devices.You can receive Feedback from your Friends, Relatives and coworkers.You can use this feedback to improved yourself.In friendship, You can improve your friendship by discovering your strengths and areas for improvement.It is also very helpful for workers as well as owners.At the work, You can enhance your areas of strength and strengthen areas for improvement.How to Delete Messages from Sarahah.

How to Do Share Sarahah on Snapchat:

    1. First of All, Open Snapchat App on your Phone.
    2. Now Click the Snap(Photo & Video) on Snapchat.

sarahah on snapchat

3. Now click on Paperclip icon Which is Right side in Images and type your Sarahah Profile URL .Your Sarahah Profile URL Should Look Like Username.Sarahah.com. Example (johnmark.Sarahah.com). There should be no spaces in Profile URL otherwise you will be redirected to Google Search Results.

attach snapchat with sarahah

Note: Don’t Copy & Paste Profile URL from Sarahah APP, type it Manually.

4. After typing Sarahah Profile URL, Now click on the Go or Search button and wait until Your Sarahah Profile will be Loaded.

add sarahah with snapchat

5. Click on the Attach to Snap button at bottom.

6. Now Your Sarahah Link is Successfully Added in Snap.

If this Method not work then Try this New Method : How to Link sarahah on Snapchat.

So if You have any Query Related to Sarahah Que es or How to Link Sarahah on Snapchat then comment below.I will try to Help You as soon as possible.If you like our article then shareit with your friends.I hope Your Friends Will also like our article.Also Check: Sarahah Messages.


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