Sarahah Twitter : Today I am Sharing with you article How to Link Sarahah with Twitter Account Profile. Sarahah is a Social Network App which is Created by Saudi Arabian developer Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, In this App you can send anonymous feedback to to Your Friends and Workers and Your Boss etc.Sarahah First Released in Arabic Language after that it was released in English Language.When Sarahah Released in English Langauge then it was trends everywhere.Millions of People Registered on Sarahah with in two and three days.Sarahah Released for Android and iOS devices.So You can check the Given below Tutorial How to Link Sarahah to Twitter.Also Check:How to Link Sarahah With Snapchat.

link Sarahah with twitter

What is Sarahah.

Sarahah is a Social Networking Sites and App which can help the People to Send Anonymous Feedback in Private Manner.¬†Sarahah, which means “frankness” or “honesty” in Arabic, was to create a tool that would help employees provide unfiltered feedback to their employers. Sarahah Released on February 2017 but it was in Arabic Language So that why it was not Popular.After it was released in English Language then it was start trending Everywhere.People Start Sending Feedback to Each other.The Developer was a simple CSE Engineer but his small idea make a big App.So Also Check: How to link Sarahah with Instagram.¬†

How to Link Sarahah with Twitter:

  1. First of All Open twitter & Login in it.
  2. Now Click on the Profile Setting ->Drop Down Will Open Select Profile.
  3. Now Click on the Edit Profile.
  4. Now in Place of Website, You can Put Your Sarahah Profile Link.Which is Look Like
  5. After that Click on the Save button.
  6. Now Your Sarahah is Link With Twitter Successfully.

So if you have Any Problem related to linking Sarahah account with a Twitter Profile then comment below.I will Help You as soon as possible.If You like our article how to Add/Connect Sarahah with Twitter then shareit with your friends.I hope your friends will also like our Sarahah twitter linking article.Also Check: Sarahah Messages


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