Sarahah Check – Does Sarahah Check work or Not, Many people have doubt about this site they are messages me asking that is Fake or Genuine. Sarahah is a social app In which you can give anonymous feedback to anyone in Private manner.After releasing Sarahah its start trending through social sites like facebook and Snapchat. In sarahah we cannot see the sender id So that why people are making a website like or etc.Sarahah is Developed by the Saudi Arabic Programmer Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq.He is a 29 Year old CSE Engineer.Sarahah means a honesty.Sarahah app launched in Arabic version, People start demanding english version after that it was released in english version.So You can Read the Given below Brief Explanation about Sarahah Check.
sarahah check work

Does Sarahah Check Work or Not ?

In Sarahah Approximately have a around 300 Millions User.Many of user are sending Good Bad messages to each other example ‘I hate You‘, ‘I Slap You‘ and I love You, I like You etc.So that why they want to know that who send a messages, Sarahah Check is websites that claim to expose users of the Sarahah service.Recently I test the it always saying to complete the survey.I also complete all the survey but this site does not work.I also got user messages they are also saying that this site is not working for them.Don’t waste your time on these type of websites. fake

Is is Really Fake:

Yes is fake, I am going to explain why SarahahCheck is a Fake.First of all when you can comment on this site it always say “We are getting many comments, please wait!“.The website has a number of tickers to make you believe that there are hundreds of users currently using a website at time, along with another active ticker that is actually pushing out some make believe messages like ‘its working’ ‘thanks’ its amazing’ etc.I also check the site Source code, In which its Clearly show that its Comment are repeating everytime.This Site same as a, I think all site are making same person.So I Confidently say that this Site is a Fake.

Sarahah Officially Say that :

Sarahah’s privacy policy clear states that it does not “sell, trade, rent or disclose any information to any third party out of this website or sites out of our network”. Sarahah also tweet about that which is given below.

Why Sarahah Check Made & How this site work : is Made only for money purpose.These site are making money with completing survey and downloading apps.Don’t waste your time on these type of site.

First of All it will ask you enter your sarahah Username.After clicking on Check Now its Do some Formalities.It will ask you Decrypt my Messages when you click on Decrypt my Messages then survey tab open.Now its ask you to complete survey, Don’t complete complete the survey when you enter your detail like Email id, username, mobile number etc it is very risky.So try to Ignore these type of site.So some of the site are given below which are fake you can check it –,,,,,, etc.

So you can ignore above given site which are listed above.these site not going to reveal sarahah names. these site are fake and spam site which also contain a virus.So avoid these type of you have any problem then comment below i will help your.if you like our article then shareit with friends.I hope they will also like.



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