Sarahah Password Reset: Hii Friends Today I am Going to Share with You a Article How to Reset Forgotten Sarahah Password. All You know that Sarahah is a Social Simple App.Which allows anyone to send a text-based message anonymously, with no way for the recipient to respond or continue a conversation.Sarahah Developer Mainly Develop this App For Company and Office Use Only So that workers can give Feedback to their Boss regarding any query.Sarahah App is Released on February 2017 in Arabic Text.So after that it was Released in English text Version from then Sarahah start trending everywhere in Appstore, Playstore etc.So You can Follow Given below Tutorial how to Reset and Recover Forgotten Sarahah Account password or How to change sarahah password.How to Link Sarahah to Instagram.
sarahah password recovered

What is Sarahah:

Sarahah, which means “honesty” in Arabic, Sarahah is developed by Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq last year as a website to allow employees to give anonymous feedback to their bosses. Sarahah is Released for Both iPhones and Android Devices & its also available in Web Version.Sarahah was a simple interface, Sarahah not Allowed user to send any Photos or Videos etc.You can also use this feedback for self development.If you will use Sarahah for work then it will enhance your areas of strength and If you will use it in friendship then you can improve your friendship by discovering your strengths and areas for improvement.So You can follow the Given below Tutorial How to Reset Sarahah Password.How to Delete Sarahah Messages.

How to Recover Sarahah Password:

If You are Getting Problem in Sarahah login And its Showing Your Username or Password is Incorrect then You can easily Reset Your Sarahah password by following Step by step guide.Also Check: How to Delete Sarahah Account.

1. First of All Open Sarahah App.
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2. Now Click on the Login Link, Login box tab is open.

Sarahah password change

3. Now Click on the Forget Password Link Which is Shown in Image.

Recover sarahah password

4. Now New Box Will Open, Now You can Enter Your Registered Email.

sarahah password change

5. After Entering Your Email Id, Pop Box Will Appear with Messages “Reset Email Successfully Sent Check Your Email“.

6. Now You can Check Your Email Account, Now You can seen sarahah messages with password (Green Color Pass.).

7. Now Copy password which is shown in image, Now on the “Click Here to Change the Password” Which Shown in Image.

my sarahah showing incorrect password

8. Now Enter the Green Text Password Which You received in Your Email in Place of Current Password.

9. Now Enter New Password then Again Enter the Same New Password Confirmation then Click on Change Button.

10. Now Your Sarahah Account Password is Successfully Changed.

If You Only want to Change Password:

First of all Open App -> Go to Setting -> Now click on password -> Now enter Your Current Password -> then Enter New Password -> And Again enter Confirmation password -> Now click on Change Password.Now Your Password Successfully Changed.

In this method you can also change the sarahah account password.If you got any error like incorrect password or User not find etc then follow the above method.If you have any problem then comment below with your problem I will try to help you as soon as possible.If you like our article then share it with your friends on facebook, Google Plus etc.I hope they will also like our article.Also Check: Sarahah Link with Facebook.


  1. I am not able to login.. I typed the correct email & password but its showing dat username is not matched..
    Plz help me..

    • it was not login page You need to enter green texted password which you have received in email on place of password.then again enter same password then new pass. then confirmation pass then change.

    • When you click on change password then it will ask you only current password and new password.If You forget the password then it will ask you registered email.

  2. Hello sir! When I click on the log in after entering the green text, it just says that invalid credentials,the account will lock after 9 attempts. I have tried several times but not getting my password changed. Please help.

    • It is not possible, You can try again by clicking on forget password.Not try ,ore then 10 time after 10 attempt your account will locked.

  3. Already I tried 9 attempts… Now what will I do to open my account? I can’t login my account.. It’s showing incredential…. Please help me

  4. Hi , after clicking on the ” click here to change the password ” section.. it’s again asking me to login instead of showing to change the password page .. what to do ?? As I have tried several times but end up getting the same ..

  5. When am trying to change my password I got a mail nd when m clicking on your change password option it directly sending me to login page…there is no page to create new password

    • it is not login page it will look like a login page but you can enter green text password in place of password which you received in email.

  6. My account is locked suddenly…then i tried many times to login my account…but it shows that my email id or user is not registered…also invalid credintials like that…i received notifications but i cant open my account…what should i do? my account hacked by someone or anthing else???…plssssssss help me to solve my email id prblm

    • if we fill wrong password for 10 times, after that it will automatically temporarily locked So it will automatically unlocked after 12 hour, When you login after 12 hour if again showing wrong password then reset your password then it will work.

  7. I have forgotten my password but their is an problem tht I dont have the email account…so now how to recover my password…????

    • It is not possible to reset sarahah password without email address, if you have more email account then click on reset password try all email.

  8. I just created an account with the details they asked.. now they asking for password and usename in the login section..

    which one is the username and password here ? the mail account i used for creating the sarahaha account ?

    • You can enter username which is look like a markjohn77 or johnmark passoword, if You find username then password not know then try reset password

  9. actually I forget my password once n i did the same procedure exactly u told n the password also came n then i changed the password..the problem arises from here..i changed the password n it opened too but when login it later it didnt open…n if i wanna change my password now the sarahah is not sending me the new password again…may ik the reason..n wat to do now..

  10. I am not able to login.. I typed the correct email & password but its showing dat username is not matched.. and I have not registered my email ID with it, pls help me to open my sarahah ID

  11. Hi I accidentally reported my friend’s message and the msg was deleted automatically, I really want to answer his question. Can teach me how to retrieve his msg?

  12. So this is my problem: so I log in to sarahah and Doesn’t work so I click ‘forgot password’ when i put in my email it sends right? No because ît sends but I am not signed into the email I put into sarahah so I go to settings an add an email But my password won’t work so I go onto forgot password but it said we can’t tell if this account belongs to you and I’ve been crying for like 6 days I’m so stressed ???


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