Sarahah is an app for receiving honest feedback from anonymous people.Which is Recently Released for Android and iOS Operating System.Many of You are Confused Who Sent a Messages in Your Sarahah Messages Profile.Many of People Have a Doubt “they asking Question like” How to Check Who Sent a Messages from Sarahah App.So Don’t Worry I will Explain Full about Sarahah Messages.This Sarahah App Released in February but it Hit App Store in July 2017.Many People are Sharing a Sarahah on Facebook, Twitter and Mostly on Snapchat.You can Check How to Link Your Sarahah Account with Snapchat.
who send messages from sarahah

What is Sarahah.?

Are You Know What is Sarahah.Sarahah is an App for receiving and Sending honest feedback from the Anonymous People.The app is named after the Arabic word for “honesty” or “frankness”, and is intended to let people share messages in that spirit. It was created by a Saudi Developer Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq and its spreading very fast.This App is Mostly Developed for Office use.Sarahah helps you in discovering your strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from your employees and From your friends in a private manner (Anonymous).So you can also read how to put sarahah link on instagram.

Is its Possible Who Send a Messages from Sarahah.

All you want to know whatever is really Possible to see whom can send a message to your profile.Its was not possible to check who can send a messages to you.Because this App means a send messages or feedback to anyone in private manner.This App is developed by the Arab developer.Sarahah have a promises privacy and good security So it was not possible to check who can send a messages to you.Many people like this Sarahah App & Many of People don’t want to use that because some people are sending dirty or poor Messages to each other.Parents, don’t allow your kids to get this app,” a third user posted.

Many of People are Receiving a Bad messages And they want to know that whom send these messages of feedback.So there is not possible to check who can send a messages to you.Now it not possible to check from where this messages come,but in next update I think some thing new will launched.So if you have any problem then freely ask me in Comment I will try to reply soon as possible.If you like our article then shareit with your friends I hope They will also like our article how to check in sarahah who send a messages to you,Who send a message me in sarahah can also download sarahah for android.


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