Sarahah Unlocked РMany people are getting problems How to unlocked Sarahah temporarily locked account.Today I will explain you you to unlock sarahah account easily.Sarahah is a social network to send anonymous feedback to any one in private manner.This app is not like other social network was very different then other social app.In this app we cannot reply any one messages because there was no reply option.This app is developed for office use so that user can give feedback to their bosses etc.So you check it is possible to unlock temporarlly locked account.Also Check How to Delete Sarahah Account Permanently.
Unlocked sarahah account

What is Sarahah:

Sarahah is a simple app to send feedback to anyone.Sarahah that allows you to send messages to anyone you want without the recipient knowing who the sender is.This app is developed by 29 year old Computer Science Engineer Developer ZainAlabdin Tawfiq.This simple idea about feedback become very popular in one month only.This app is released for both iOS and Android devices in june, and it was also available in web version also.This Sarahah app is available in arabic and english language.Sarahah means a honesty in Arabic.Now sarahah have a approximately 300 million user.Now sarahah is trending many countries.So follow the given below guide how many time sarahah take to unlock temporally locked account.Also check How to Use Sarahah on Pc.

How to Unlock Sarahah Temporarily Locked Account:

Many people receiving this messages after multiple attempts about after 10 attemps.You have been been temporarily locked out due to multiple invalid attempts.Many people are asking me How many time Sarahah will take to unlock my account.You can follow given below points.

If your Sarahah account is temporary locked due to invalid multiple attempts or Sarahah temporarily locked after 10 attempts then You can wait for 12 hour.After that your Sarahah temporarily locked account unlocked Automatically.

If you forget your sarahah password then don’t attempts more then 9 attempts.You can reset your Sarahah Password by following our article : How to Reset Sarahah Forgotten Password.

So if Your Account is Locked then don’t do anything only wait for 12 hour.After that your Account automatically unlocked.if you have any problem regarding this article then freely ask in comment I will try to help you as soon as possible.So share our article with your friends.Best Sarahah Messages for Friends.


  1. I can’t rest my password because it needs my old password, which I have forgotten. So how do you suggest I change my password then????? I have been trying for 5 days to get help and I’m getting pissed off ?

  2. my profile has been locked some of my frnd hv seen my strtng 3 letter of pswd n soo coz of trying many time dey locked it now frm 17 aug m trying to get out of it this temprory locked but m unble to doo so.. n also there is no use of waitng 6 hr or 20 hr… n all..plz help me n i used id for is already lost my gmail id pswd coz of dt unble toh chnge my pswd plzz admin help me out or u can tell accurate way of plz hummble request


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