How to Delete Sent Messages from Sarahah. Sarahah is new latest app.Have you ever wanted to tell a friend what you really thought about them, but you don’t want to own up to it.Then you have a good news ,In Sarahah you can send Messages to your friends, family and teacher etc in Anonymous.but you can’t reply the person who send a messages.It is Available for Download in google play store and in iTunes store.Many of People are receiving Bad messages So they want to delete the messages from the Sarahah.You can follow the Given below tutorial how to delete messages from sarahah permanently.Check : How to Sarahah Snapchat Link.
how to delete messages from sarahah app

What is Sarahah.

The Sarahah app allows users to send messages anonymously and receive anonymous messages in return, now there was no features to replay a person who send a messages.Sarahah is Developed by Saudi programmer Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq.Sarahah App was First Released in February 2017 in Arabic Language.After that Sarahah Developed Released the App in English Version on july 2017 From that Sarahah start Trending in Play Stores.So You can Delete Feedback Messages from sarahah by following given below guide.Check : Top 10 Best Feedback Messages for Sarahah.

How to Delete Sarahah Feedback Messages:

  1. First of Open Sarahah App on your Phone.

2. Now, In Left side at bottom of Your Phone there is a Messages icon click on it.

removed feedback from sarahah

3. Now at the top You have three link- Received Messages, Featured Messages & Send Messages.

messages delete

4. Click on the Received Messages, Now all your messages shown Click on icon to delete the messages permanently.

5. You can also Delete Featured Messages and Sent Messages with Same Method.

6. On web browser(PC) click on Messages link at the top.Now at the bottom you can see all the three option Received, featured and send messages click on X icon to Delete messages.

Note : So there is no option to delete Sent Messages or Feedback in Sarahah app.

More : How to Delete Sarahah Account Permanently.

So if you got any problem while deleting a messages from the sarahah app or from Pc web browser then comment below I will help you.if you like our article then share it with your friends.I hope your friends will also like how to removed feedback from the sarahah article.


    • If You send a messages to your friends, but your friend not able to see your name because from him side your name shown anonymous.

  1. Please update this app for deleting sent items

    Because if any friend having doubt then he can check your sent item n easily find the conclusion so please update soon


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